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No. 1


«Anyone can design a logo. But not everyone can design the right logo.» - David Airey

Lola - Metalco . Workshop IUSVE 2011
Vision Lab Apps llc . Digital Company
LLogomark - Vision Lab Apps llc . Digital Company
Quarterback . Handmade Drums
Application Logo -  Quarterback . Handmade Drums
Logo - Elidental
Application Logo - Elidental
Herjan . Folk Metal Band
Application Logo - Herjan . Folk Metal Band
Nami . Photo Exhibition
Adv - Nami . Photo Exhibition
Logo - HIIO . Pure Filtration
Application Logo - HIIO . Pure Filtration
Logo & Payoff - Narrandom
Logo - Narrandom
No. 2


«Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.» - Jeffrey Zeldman

Adv - Lola Metalco . Workshop IUSVE 2011
Adv w/ Nielsen Communication
Adv w/ Nielsen Communication
Adv & Logo - Clocktail . Time to Drink
BC - Hydroalp
Datasheet - Hydroalp
Music Album - Herjan . Naud
Catalogue - Irregolari - Cles TN
Illustration - Chili Pepper . Narrandom
Tri-fold Brochure - Villa Buri Onlus
Logo & Packaging - Mamma Priscilla
No. 3


«Play the role as a human being... human beings are three-dimensional.» - Michael Pena

BirdDog Project . Converter 2021
BirdDog P200 - 3D Animation
BirdDog P200 - 3D Model
BirdDog Flex 4K - 3D Animation
BirdDog Flex 4K - 3D Animation
BirdDog A200 - 3D Logo Application
BirdDog A200 - 3D Model
No. 4


«A picture is worth a thousand words. An interface is worth a thousand pictures.» - Ben Shneiderman

Software UI - NDI  Multiview . BirdDog 2020
BBirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
BirdDog - Software UI
No. 5


«Everything that can be invented has been invented.» - Charles h. Duell (1899)

Still Life - Action Figure . Boba Fett
Data Center - Etc Engineering srl
Original pic: Day - Edited pic: Night . SPA
Double Exposure . Marta
They forgot the singer - Herjan Band
No. 6


«I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.» - Thomas J. Watson (977 - president of IBM)

Mobile Site - SK8 . Example
Web Site - BirdDog Australia
Graphics for Web Site - Vision Lab Apps srl
Graphics for Web Site w/ Damiano Ruzzarin - Atipografia srl
Web Site - Mar.Ma.Ris. srl
No. 7


«Work in progress.» - Alessandro Buro

Coming Soon

Alessandro is a young living being classified as “homo sapiens”. He was born on planet Earth at least 10000 days ago and has been living there ever since. In particular he has been based in Verona.

He has always been very passionate about everything that man has created and anything that nature is and has always been. Very curious in discovering how things have been created, always looking for perfection (which he has never found).

Passionate about everything that is, was and will be graphic, always with a critic mindset, without criticizing anybody. Love for symmetry and sature colours, he believes in geometrical fonts and he feels the importance of reaching an equilibrium in the construction of his works.

Alessandro has also a degree in Graphic and Multimedia Communication Sciences and Techniques at IUSVE. He has developed a multi-year experience in this field, but for this you should check his Curriculum Vitae.

AU +61 405 953 762